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No matter where you are at in your personal development journey, I offer an array of services to help support your goals and transformation to a happier, healthier you. Let’s do this together!


Life Coaching

Transformational Coaching Package - $1500 (12 x 1-hour sessions)

Transform yourself, transform your life. In this comprehensive 12 week program, we’ll review and work through how you are showing up and creating in all areas of your life. We’ll identify and break through limiting mindsets, release emotional blocks, clarify and connect to your purpose and passions, design your dream life, and take action to achieve your goals while implementing more successful ways of relating to the world and others.


This package integrates all of my specialties of work including Transformational Coaching, Emotional Release Work (EFT), Nuero-linguistic Programming, Conscious Creation, and Business Strategy.

Learn more about my life coaching work here. 


EFt tapping

emotional freedom technique Session  $150 (45 mins + custom EFT script)

Feeling mentally or emotionally stuck? This session is for you if you have a particular subject area, pattern, emotion, or physical symptom identified you feel stuck in and/or are having trouble letting go of, and would like to release. For example, issues with productivity, moving on from a relationship, physical discomfort in the body (e.g. back pain), or social anxiety. In this session we’ll discuss your challenge at hand, identify the limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and emotions associated, and how we can best release them. Then I’ll create a custom tapping script you will use to release your stuck emotions and patterns.

Learn more about EFT and my personalized process here. 



Neuro-linguistic programming session 
$150 (1.5 hours)

Discover your mind-map of the world. How do you relate to yourself, others and life? This deep dive session is all about understanding yourself, how you relate to (and create) your version of reality, and consequently how successful you are in life, relationships and achieving your dreams. You’ll leave the session with a new perspective on yourself and others, how you can better manage your ‘blind spots', and tools to help you re-model and re-regulate your mind-body systems for success.



Intensive Sessions - $250 (2 hours)

Have a specific life area you feel stuck in, or obstacle to overcome? Whether it's clarifying your life purpose, tackling issues with overwhelm, creating healthier relationships, implementing a SMART action plan, or any other challenge you may be facing - in an intensive session we focus deeply on the issue keeping you stuck and integrate different modalities from Coaching, EFT and NLP to create insightful breakthroughs and eliminate blocks. You’ll leave the session with clarity, confidence and practical strategies to overcome your challenge at hand.


Conscious Creation

Conscious Creation ONLINE Course

We’ve all heard that our thoughts create our reality, but do you know just how true this is? For the first time in history both Science and Spirituality point to the same powerful truth that we are creators of our own reality.

With a keen focus on integrating cutting-edge scientific research and theories with teachings of ancient wisdom, this course addresses the highest potential of manifesting as not merely a way to obtain material things, but as life practice to consciously create a more deeply fulfilling, joyful and abundant life at all levels. 


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