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What is transformational
Life coaching?


Transformational Life Coaching is different from other forms of coaching, like Career or Fitness coaching, which are normally more goal-oriented and where a coach works with you to address a specific situation with a focused outcome (like landing a new job, or building more muscle). 


Transformational life coaching is about creating deep and lasting shifts at the core of your being. It's about transforming the way you perceive and relate to yourself, others and all of life. It includes a holistic examination of your life to bring awareness to aspects that may be a catalyst or hindrance in creating the life you truly desire. We dig deep, below all the surface-level stuff, to uncover and transform deep-rooted (often unconscious) thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that aren't serving you. As you cultivate more self-awareness and clear limiting patterns keeping you stuck, you access a new vantage point to masterfully navigate life and overcome any obstacle, challenge, doubt or indecision you face.​ And as you clear the unconscious, you naturally shift your state of being to a higher perspective more aligned with the clarity, joy, freedom, and fulfillment you desire. 

In it's essence, transformational work is about coming back into greater connection with your authentic self. It's about living with more awareness, integrity, wisdom, clarity and purpose. It’s about mastering your inner world, so you can master your outer world, too.

Life coaching in general is also different from consulting, counseling, and therapy. While it shares the end goals of learning and growth with these professions, the focus and process is distinct.


Coaching is Not
or Counseling 

While both coaching and therapy can involve deep emotional work, insights, and transformation, there are clear distinctions: 

  1. Focus: Therapy focuses on analyzing and alleviating symptoms of past trauma and acute mental-emotional health concerns, while coaching focuses on overcoming blocks and limiting mindsets, expanding awareness, and creating plans to move you towards a goal or desire.

  2. Duration: Therapy is often not time-limited and can continue for months, or years, in an ongoing fashion. Coaching packages vary but are commonly short-term, from 2-6 months.  

  3. Tense: Generally, therapy explores your past to help manage your present, while coaching explores your present to help create a more desirable future. That said, coaches can dip into the past (such as in inner child or parts work), and therapist can dip into future (such as to help clients with goals and on-going treatment plans). 

  4. Skills: This varies by the type of coach/therapist you work with, but generally therapy sets you up with skills to better manage your mental-emotional health, while coaching sets you up with skills to better navigate life situations and maximize personal potential.


Coaching is Not
Therapy or Consulting 

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." 


When I think of Coaching vs. Consulting I often think of this old Chinese proverb. As a coach my role is not to analyze your life situation or provide answers, but rather to support your process of connecting to your own inner wisdom, clarifying insights, and making choices to move you forward from a powerful place of self-connection. I provide reflection and guidance along the way, but I'm not the source of answers. While consulting has it's place in business, when it comes to deeper quests of life, the answers and insights which come from within you are profoundly more meaningful and intelligent than if provided from an external source. A great coach will help you connect to your inner guidance and empower you with greater capacity to navigate any obstacle, indecision or challenge you may face.



There are many benefits to transformational coaching. These differ depending on what you most need and are looking to get out of coaching. However some overarching benefits are: 

  • Clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it

  • Increased self-awareness and personal mastery

  • Greater connection to self and others 

  • Greater understanding of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors

  • Wiser, more confident decision making

  • More purpose and satisfaction in life/relationships

  • More balance and flow in life/relationships

  • New strategies for overcoming obstacles

  • Increased productivity and personal markers of success

  • Improved confidence and belief in self 

  • Increased capacity to evaluate options

  • Greater harmony of mind-body-spirit

  • Dedicated time, support, and accountability in achieving your goals and dreams 



Whether you’re feeling stuck in life, or are at the top of your game, having a trained coach to help you get clear, and stay focused progressing towards your best self is invaluable. 


  • Do you want to level-up your career, relationships, health, and wellbeing? 

  • Do you feel called to something greater, or like there there must be more to life? 

  • Do you lack clarity around purpose, vocation, or a deeper calling? 

  • Do you have limiting patterns and beliefs you are want to overcome? 

  • Do you feel lost, stagnant, or stuck in life? 

  • Are you in a transition period or having trouble making an important life decision? 

  • Do you lack confidence or have limiting beliefs?

  • Do you lack a clear vision or plan for next steps?

  • Are you having trouble taking consistent action? 

  • Do you long for more joy, passion, and fulfillment?

  • Do you desire deeper, more harmonious relationships?

  • Are you passionate about self-development and want to step into your fuller potential? 

Coaching Benefits
Said yes to any of the above, or are curious to learn more about how coaching could help you?

Let's Connect! Book a free 30-minute consultation today. 
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