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My COACHING Approach 

A Blend Between The Practical & Deep

Personal transformation starts deep within creating space for shifts, and we must also take the outer actions to ground results. My work is blend between the practical and the deep, integrating the inner and outer work required for lasting transformation.  My coaching approach is integrative, holistic, and highly attuned to each client. I practice Transformational Coaching informed by mind-body awareness and management, emotional release work, and neuro-linguistic re-patterning techniques. I draw upon models, teachings and best practices from the fields of Coaching & Self-Development, Holistic Wellness, Positive Psychology, and Spiritual Mysticism, as well my own experience and processes I've developed.


This process is about digging deep, facing the unfamiliar, bringing awareness to and breaking free from habitual limiting patterns, owning your power and moving to inspired action to consciously create a life you love. It’s within this process that the magic happens, and wherein true felt and experienced transformation takes place.

How Do You Work?

A three-month commitment is strongly encouraged because that gives you time to truly create change in your life (the latest research in neurobiology says that forming new habits, or states of being, takes 40-61 days). We can discuss what services and level of support is right for you, but if you're interested in a deeper personal shift, I highly suggest three months for the most growth.

I only work with clients who are committed to being held accountable, showing up 100% for each session, and are willing to break out of their comfort zone.


The total investment for your personalized, transformative coaching program will be discussed during your discovery call.

Prior to starting work, we discuss and agree upon styles of coaching and areas of focus most supportive to you. Throughout our work together, I provide session notes for reflection and resources to support your personal goals and highest level of growth and development. There will often be “homework” after each session to elicit deeper reflection, insights and progress. 

If you’re ready to break free from everything that’s holding you back, step into your power, and take the steps to consciously create a life you love, I’d love to support your journey!

Want to learn more about the work we'll do, and my areas of expertise? [link to methods of services description page]



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