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Passionate About
Self Development & Inspiring Others

I'm a certified Life Coach, EFT practitioner and life long student of self development. I help others break free from unconscious, limiting patterns keeping them stuck so that they can find clarity, embrace their full potential, and start consciously creating a life they love. 


My work is centered around awareness building practices, deep personal transformation, and clearing of unconscious patterns.  Unconscious patterns limit our capacity to think, feel and act clearly, to connect with our authentic self, take skillful action, and ultimately to succeed in life - whatever that means to you!


I work with highly motivated individuals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and creatives. When we work together you start to identify and clear limiting patterns keeping you stuck, overcome past disappointments, and reprogram your mind-body systems so you can feel more calm, confident and clear that you're on the right path, making wise decisions, and taking purposeful action towards achieving your goals.


Hi, I'm Kali Noelle!

By clearing unconscious patterns, you access a new vantage point to masterfully navigate life and overcome any obstacle, challenge, doubt or indecision you face.​


I’m passionate about my work because I know how satisfying it feels to break free old patterns keeping you stuck, live with more clarity, intention and purpose, and achieve goals in truly alignment with your authentic self. I believe it is our life’s work to overcome personal challenges and step into higher levels of awareness from which we can consciously relate to ourselves, others, and all of life. That’s what I help others do!

Ready to make your breakthrough? Let's connect!


Why Work With Me? 

I’m a certified Transformational Life Coach, and a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. I also hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Behavioral Psychology. But my most important and extensive training is from my life experiences and ongoing journey towards greater self-love and awakening. Getting to the other side of  life purpose and career confusion, self-doubt, anxiety, failed relationships, health and wellness issues, and family break-downs has taught me lessons I’m inspired to share and help others overcome as well. 

I’ve been fortunate to learn and study from some of the great business leaders, spiritual teachers, coaches and healers of our time. Through this path I have learned to reconnect with my inner power and guidance, which each of us have. I believe we are all our own best coach, and far more capable of achieving anything we desire than we often recognize. Sometimes we just need a little support and perspective to help us reconnect with our wisdom, power, and potential, and get started living our best life. 

I'd be honored to help you reignite your spark — you will find the courage, clarity and confidence to get clear on your desires, masterfully navigate your world, and start consciously creating a life that lights you up!



  • Certified Professional Life Coach through a top accredited program of the International Coach Federation with a private practice and workshop series.

  • Certified EFT and NLP Practitioner 

  • MBA graduate with minor in Behavioral Psychology 

  • 10+ years experience in Business Management working with Fortune 500 companies, and NYC/LA's  top marketing agencies.

  • Life-long student of self-development and spiritual awakening who's read over 300 self-development books and studied along side spiritual masters and extraordinary human beings such as those from the Siddha Yoga path, Marry Morrisey, Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Huble, Mother Meera, Barbra Brennan, Nicolas Yani, John of God, Abraham Hicks, Tony Robins, Jeff Carreira and many more. 

More About my Journey

Candles & Plants



This woman is a GEM. Her compassion and support is felt immediately, but she’ll also call you out on any victim mentality. If you’re ready to change the way you are thinking about your life, your job, your relationships and  take ownership of the life you are creating, you want to work with Kali. I learned a lot about myself in our work. I worked with her on coaching and an EFT session. She's amazing at helping uncover unconscious beliefs and mind-body patterns that keep you stuck. Work with her! 

—  Name, Title


By the time I was 25, I was a MBA graduate making six-plus figures on a fast track towards corporate leadership. While this can sound like a lot "success", I was also unfulfilled and unhappy. After years of transforming through my own limiting beliefs and challenges, I realized my journey of self-discovery was indeed my greatest teaching and calling. 

My journey of self-discovery began at a young age. As a reflective, empathic child I was aware of a lot of big feelings that I didn’t know how to handle, and I ended up suppressing a lot. While I tried not to feel, what I actually felt most deeply was disconnected from myself. I felt confused, overwhelmed, anxious with strong feelings of self-doubt. Thus, at the young age of 11,  I began to explore the world of self-help and spirituality which my mother highly involved with. I attended classes and mediation intensives with her, listened to teachings from spiritual masters she was studying with, and asked for sessions with holistic healing and helping practitioners. 

I found it all intriguing and magical. And though I felt much comfort and relief, I didn’t have the emotional or intellectual capacity developed to really do "the work" just yet. I was a bit too young, but it opened my eyes to a world of potential. Like many adolescents I was more interested in friends, parties and first loves than focusing on my inner work. And before I knew it, I was off to college. During this time, my anxious feelings persisted and pushed me really hard to 'do and achieve' rather than 'be and feel'.   

But in my mid 20s after going through a bad break-up, being on a career path that had all the makings of success by societies standards, but felt empty to me, and quite honestly just feeling lost and burnt out, I knew it was time to address whatever it was that was running my life in a direction I wasn't totally happy with. Thus began my journey of doing "the work". 

I threw myself into the deep, sometimes hard, but always rewarding work of self-development. I read hundreds of books, attended seminars, retreats, healing centers, began meditating daily, getting my mind and body healthy, and applying what I was learning. I became more aware of deeply conditioned unconscious patterns and belief that were limiting my capacity to be in life, and live into my potential. I began to learn how to work with the unconscious patterns to help heal and clear them. Step by step I became more empowered, focused, and vibrant. I started to experience and attract more success, in all areas of my life.

Life became more manageable and abundant, but I still felt off, like there was more to life I longed for. I decided to hire a life coach to support me in getting clear on my goals, and the life I wanted to create. Pretty quickly I realized that THIS was the work I loved and was meant to do. To help support others in overcoming their limiting mindsets, step into their full potential, and more consciously create a life they love. So that they can feel more fulfilled, happy and whole each day. 

I’m so passionate about this work, because I’ve been on the other side of unconscious, limiting beliefs, living someone else’s version of success, and not honoring my authentic self.  And my life was a lot less enjoyable and manageable then! If your feeling this way, I understand. And I also know you can find clarity and connection, and start consciously creating a life you love. 


I'd love to support you on your journey! 

Interested In Working Together?

We're All On This Journey, Don't Walk It Alone 

​My sincerest intention is to help you live with more clarity and purpose. I’m deeply passionate about the work I do because I’ve done it (and continue to do it) myself and experience first hand the truly incredible transformations that take place. 

One of my greatest learnings on the path of self-development has been that you don’t have to (and really can't) do it alone. Progress happens, but it is almost always harder and slower, and eventually  you'll hit a block. Once I started working with a coach and dedicated mentors, my growth catapulted. If you're reading this, you're probably longing for some type of support in your life. Get the support that's right for you. Whether that's coaching, therapy, counseling, mentoring, or some other form of support. Ask for help and don't go it alone. You won't regret it!


My Life Motto: Live Smarter, Not Harder 

We’re on this earth to learn, love, grow, create, and enjoy life. Life does not have to be, and is not meant to be so hard, like many of us are conditioned to believe. There is another way to live and enjoy success.

If you're feeling uninspired or unfulfilled, that is life calling you to more. I go by the motto live smarter, not harder. To me this means connecting to the inner wisdom and intelligence we each have, and living from this place. That’s truly being smarter. That’s where you'll find the clarity and inspiration that enables incredible growth and success. One thing I know from personal experience is you will never feel fulfilled or meet your potential living by someone else's standards. Take time to connect with you. Get really clear on what happiness 


and success looks like to you, and align your goals to that standard. It’s different for everyone, so find your truth. Once you do this, true success and happiness begin to flow abundantly in all areas of your life.

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